Integrated Management Policy.

Microsurvey, a Brazilian aerosurvey company, acting in Brazil and abroad, believes in valuing the human being and is based on the principle and practices of quality management, safety and health, environment and social responsibility as determining factors aiming at growing levels of business excellence.

Microsurvey always performs its operations in a responsible social-environmental way, seeking sustainability and competitiveness. Thus, it assumes the commitment to:

  • Ensuring the clients' satisfaction.
  • Continuously motivating and qualifying our collaborators, having an ethic and fair relationship with them.
  • Preventing people's personal injuries and illnesses and preserve the information's property.
  • Performing air operations within outmost safety procedures.
  • Preventing pollution at all means, and mitigating the environmental impacts resulting from its operations.
  • Investigating and dealing accordingly with incidents and accidents, controlling, eliminating or reducing any exisiting risks. 
  • Rationally using non-renewable natural resources.
  • Complying with the legislation in force and the remaining applicable requisites.
  • Being an influence of quality improvement of our collaborators.
  • Living in harmony with the communities it relates to.
  • Continuously improving the performance of its services and processes.


José Divino Freitas Barbosa

Executive Director

Rev. B

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